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I’m knocking out tunes quicker than I can update this site at the moment. I reckon I have about half the material needed for an ESX-1 live set now. Better get something pencilled in at the local church hall.


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Single pattern ESX-1 banger. Knocked together after listening to an old Dave Clarke Essential Mix and recorded on the fly. One take, no edits or mastering.

Beta Sutcliffe

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Last few minutes of a 20-minute hardware jam. First track since mapping my midi controller to the Yamaha DX21. Expect plenty of realtime FM from here on!


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Happy New Year!

While you were trying to get an SMS through, I spent midnight jamming out the techno sounds Zack Delta and I had prepared the night before.

Play it loud.


Watch the Skies, Traveller

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Xmas comedown blues:

DMX singularity funk:

Peace. x